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Brakena Shop & Store Cleaning Services

Keeping a retail store clean is an essential everyday task. Customers like to see cleanliness and organization. Walking into a cluttered and messy store doesn’t give the customer much confidence.  That is why Brakena Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing effective shop and retail store cleaning services to several companies of the London merchandise retail industry.

We cleaned a variety of shop and retail store premises

Brakena Cleaning Services is specialised in cleaning small to medium size shop & retail store premises in London. What goes on behind the scenes of your retail business is vitally important so is the cleanliness of your front room because the support systems you put in place are what keep your business alive and well.  Brakena Cleaning Services is happy to be part of that support system taking care of the cleaning, so you can focus on other business priorities. We provide a comprehensive service on any level of frequency, from a once-off to a regular continuous contract.

Our procedure

  • We start by sending our expert cleaning surveyors to your shop & retail store
  • After completing an initial site survey to establish the exact requirements
  • we will send you a free, no-obligation personalised cleaning proposal, which will contain a comprehensive cleaning programme.

Our experienced shop & retail store cleaning operatives

We have a carefully vetted team of motivated, reliable, and flexible shop & retail store cleaning operatives. Before they are allowed on any site, all of our cleaning operatives are interviewed, so as to establish their capabilities, attitudes, and identity. Then if successful, they must also lodge a performance pledge with us so as to demonstrate their commitment to providing a great service. And finally, they are trained and instructed to ensure they provide appropriate professional standards of behavior, work standards, productivity, practices, and enforced customer care.

We understand that for consumers, the top five indicators of a clean store are:

  1. A store that smells clean
  2. Good lighting
  3. A clean checkout area
  4. Neat and orderly product displays
  5. Well-maintained restrooms

Shop & retail store housekeeping standards

No matter what kind of shop or retail business you’re in, one thing’s for sure, you have to do housekeeping constantly. Business specialists and retailers believe that a consistent standard for cleanliness and orderliness gives them several advantages over stores that don’t have a cleanliness standard. Customers are safer, their confidence in you is higher, and your sales are enhanced by a well-kept enterprise. Business owners all try to set an example for employees by sweeping, restocking, filing, and dusting as needed rather than waiting for a set time.

Depending on your lease, your landlord may take care of exterior landscaping and building maintenance. If you own the building, however, it’s all up to you. Add one more list of tasks to oversee. Air conditioning, elevators, lighting, and computer terminals all require cleaning. Floors, restrooms, and workrooms also require care and daily attention. Retailers who neglect cleaning windows and basic janitorial service for their shop and store, often pay for it in reduced customer traffic.

Brakena Cleaning Services operatives will work around the clock when necessary to prevent this from happening to you.

Our shop and retail cleaning pack include where applicable:

Entrance/Exits cleaning

  • Sweep the entrance
  • Clean glass doors and windows

Reception/Office cleaning

  • Tidy up clutter
  • Empty trash cans
  • Clean the floors and carpet

Store Area cleaning

  • Wipe glass display units
  • Clean shelves
  • Neaten up furniture
  • Tidy up clutter
  • Changing rooms

Restrooms cleaning

  • Clean washrooms, toilets, and bathrooms
  • Clean any mirrors
  • Scrub restroom fixtures
  • Cleanse toilet(s)

Store or shop backroom cleaning

  • Stock rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Tidy up clutter

Business relation

Brakena Cleaning Services believe it is important to keep in regular contact with our clients, so we have a dedicated team who will call you at least once per month, or once the once-off job is completed to check on the service provided for you or your business. In this way, we can ensure that you are satisfied and our high standards are maintained.

We have a flexible schedule and are able to work quickly and efficiently to ensure your premises are at the highest level of cleanliness so leave your customers with a positive and pleasant retail experience. Our shop & retail store cleaning services are provided at competitive prices, please contact Brakena Cleaning Services for a no-obligation quotation.

Brakena Shop & Store Cleaning Services
Brakena Shop & Store Cleaning Services