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Brakena Nersery Cleaning Services

Correct and proper hygiene practices are important in all walks of life but they become heightened when it comes to managing your nursery. A nursery can be very susceptible to infections or illnesses. The vulnerability of children to contracting infection means that nurseries need extra cleaning care. Brakena Cleaning Services has been dedicated to providing a full range of nurseries cleaning services in London.

We clean a variety of nursery premises.

Brakena Cleaning Services is specialised in cleaning small to medium size nursery premises in London and are happy to provide a service on any level of frequency, from a once-off to a regular continuous contract.

Our procedure

  • We start by sending our expert cleaning surveyors to your office
  • After completing an initial site survey to establish the exact requirements
  • we will send you a free, no-obligation personalised cleaning proposal, which will contain a comprehensive cleaning programme.

Our experienced surgery cleaning operatives

At Brakena Cleaning Services, we understand that when it comes to business, reliability, and quality matter. That is why we have a carefully vetted team of motivated, reliable, and flexible cleaning operatives. Before they are allowed on any site, all of our cleaning operatives are vetted, in-depth ID and enhanced DBS checked, so as to establish their capabilities, attitudes, and identity. Then if successful, they must also lodge a performance pledge with us so as to demonstrate their commitment to providing a great service. And finally, they are trained and instructed to ensure they provide appropriate professional standards of behavior, work standards, productivity, practices, and enforced customer care.

Our nursery cleaning plan includes: Creating a sanitation station – Disposing of soiled Nappies – Cleaning soiled diapers and Laundry – Cleaning Germ-Harboring “Hot Spots” Daily – Bedding regularly where it applies – Sanitising toys regularly – Using Eco-Friendly Cleaners – Keeping Floors Cleaned and Eliminate clutters…

Finally, the overall cleaning services will b tailored to match the specific needs of your nurseries.

Business relation

Brakena Cleaning Services believe it is important to keep in regular contact with our clients, so we have a dedicated team who will call you at least once per month, to check on the service being provided to your business. In this way, we can ensure that you are satisfied and our high standards are maintained.

Our nursery cleaning services are provided at competitive prices, please contact Brakena Cleaning Services for a no-obligation quotation.

Brakena Nursery Cleaning Services
Brakena Nursery Cleaning Services