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Cleaning Description

Client: Commercial, Residential and Offices Location: London. England Surface Area: Any

Commercial and residential floors are stepped on several thousands of times a month and become dirty and soiled. The same when the floor is covered by a carpet or a rug they can contain as many bacteria particles per square centimeter. This makes proper floor cleaning a very delicate chore that should not be taken lightly. Brakena Cleaning Services professional cleaners will provide you the regular and adequate solutions that will not only protect your floor but also eliminate the dirt, the grime, the dust, allergens, and bacteria. Carpet cleaning every six or twelve months is needed to maintain the overall health of your carpets.

The Challenges

Do you need to clean, wax, or buff your floors? Floors, rugs, and carpets should be clean, healthy, attractive, and comfortable. For this, they require constant and careful cleaning and maintenance for them to be kept consistently clean and treated, not just when their appearance looks dirty and neglected but also to avoid unnecessary degrees of wear to your expensive surfaces.

Brakena Cleaning Services have various solutions to help you maintain a consistently high standard of appearance to your workplace and house floors, whatever they are made of.
Our experienced and vetted cleaners will ensure that your floors are taken care of when protecting your investment.

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