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Cleaning Description

Client: Residential & Offices Location: London. England Surface Area: Any

Dusting is part of everyone's usual cleaning routine, but professional cleaning is about the extreme dusting of your premises with the appropriate gear and experience to reach where you don't when doing your routine chores... NB - As a tip, we recommend you to clean your ducts every 5 years. Ducts are a huge source of dust and allergens and if you have had renovations recently or have lived in the house after someone else has, this is the ultimate form of dusting. A vehicle will come by and vacuum your vents out, leaving no residual dust in the home environment due to dirty vents.

The Challenges

Starting at the top down in every room, our experienced cleaners will remove dust, cobwebs from the ceiling, light fixtures, corners, walls, and all hidden areas of your properties including the ceiling exhaust fan covers or fan blades that may require a gentle cleaning solution to remove greasy dirt, as well as your frames, decorating objects, and plants. They will pay special attention to ornaments, delicate, and little items that are hard to dust, to air vents, switch plates, window sills, and doors, as well as anything hunged on the walls. If you have open shelves, they will remove everything and dust them thoroughly. They will dust the objects or books with a dry microfiber cloth before replacing them on the shelves. They will also take care of the baseboards and finish off by vacuuming up the dust on all upholstery, the floor, rugs, and carpets.

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