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Cleaning Description

Client: Residential & Commercial Location: London, England Surface Area: Any

Whether it's waxing marble, tiles, or wooden, cleaning countertops and walls is something that is done every day, but is it done the right way?  There is an appropriate technique and maintenance chore for every countertop or every wall and how to clean and care for them to make them look like they were just professionally cleaned. Our experienced cleaners know, understand, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for each type of counter and wall in your house (kitchen and bathrooms). They will take care of any damage: stains, nicks, burns, etc. Wall tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms should be washed and given the appropriate maintenance, too. Replace any damaged tiles, and cleaned and reseal grout as needed.

The Challenges

Not all countertops and walls are created the same. Our experienced cleaners will first inspect the countertops and walls to figure out what materials they are. They could be Quartz, Granite, Marble, Tiles, Laminate, Concrete, Recycled Glass, Butcherblock, Solid Surface, Eco friendly, Lava, Resin, Reclaimed Wood, Stainless Steel, Porcelain.

Brakena cleaners will match the appropriate techniques, methods, and care to your countertops and walls cleaning needs.

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