Brakena Cleaning Services Package Prices

Below you’ll find details of what is included in all our domestic cleaning packages. Every package is a complete service that includes the deep cleaning of your houses…

What’s Included in Every Cleaning Package…

All Rooms

All our rooms cleaning include the following:

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Dusting & polishing furnitures
  • Dusting & wiping windows sills
  • Vacuuming sofas, chairs & seat cushions
  • Dusting lamps & light fixtures
  • Cleaning & disinfecting light switches
  • Dusting all hanging photos & frames
  • General tidying-up
  • Cleaning air-conditioner cover, ceiling fans
  • Cleaning & disinfecting doors and door handles
  • Dusting & wiping down skirting boards
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Vacuumed & mopped hard floor
  • Emptied & relined rubbish bins
  • Air freshened & deodorised
  • Leaving overall appearance of the room neat.

All Bathrooms & Toilets

All bathrooms cleaning include the following:

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning, scrubbing & disinfecting bathtubs
  • Recess cleaning, scrubbing & disinfecting showers
  • Cleaning showers
  • Cleaning, scrubbing & disinfecting bench-tops
  • Cleaning, scrubbing & disinfecting sinks and taps
  • Wiping & cleaning mirrors and splashbacks
  • Wiping & cleaning cupboard exteriors
  • Wipe cleaning shower doors & handles
  • Cleaning laundry benches & tables
  • Cleaning & disinfecting toilets
  • Emptying & relining rubbish bins
  • Vacuuming, mopping & disinfecting floors
  • Leaving overall appearance of the bathroom and toilets neat.

All Kitchen & Dining

All our domestic cleaning packages includes the cleaning of the kitchen and dining rooms as following:

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning cook-top
  • Cleaning & sanitising countertops
  • Cleaning & sanitising splash-back
  • Cleaning & sanitising sinks & taps
  • Cleaning appliances exterior
  • Cleaning inside microwave
  • Cleaning and polishing range-hood
  • Cleaning cupboard exteriors
  • cleaning open shelves
  • Cleaning dining table
  • Emptiying & relining rubbish bins
  • Vacuuming, mopping & disinfecting floors
  • Leaving the overall appearance of the kitchen and dining neat.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

All our domestic cleaning packages includes the cleaning of the floor using the appropriate techniques according to the floor type as following:

There are several methods used for cleaning carpets, However, the best method of carpet cleaning depends on the type of carpet to be cleaned. That is why we treat every carpet depending of the type so to adapt the best method for a better result and a lasting clean effect.

even though for some contract we use simple dry brush cleaning or carpet shampooing, for most job, we recommend hot water extraction cleaning (Steam cleaning). This deep carpet cleaning helps to get rid of allergens, mildew, fungi and dust mites in your carpet. It is the ideal method if anyone in your household has a reaction to these things. A clean carpet means a healthier home.

Window Cleaning

All our domestic cleaning packages includes the cleaning of the kitchen dining area as following:

  • Removing Cobwebs around windows frames
  • Wiping Window frames
  • Cleaning inside & outside windows
  • Streak-free cleaning screens
  • Cleaning window sills
  • Cleaning window tracks
  • Streak-free cleaning glass doors
  • Cleaning glassdoor tracks

Cleaning Products & Equipment

All the cleaning products and equipment required to complete our services are included in the booked package. Unless you have a special preference, all you have to do is to book your package and we take care of the rest via our janitorial supplies.

Not Included in The Cleaning Packages

The following below are excluded from the cleaning packages, but can be requested as cleaning add-on for additional charges.

  • Oven cleaning – inside
  • Refrigerator cleaning – Inside
  • Blind Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Machine Scrub Floor
  • Strip and Seal Linoleum/Vinyl Floor
  • High Ceilings for cleaning Ceiling fan and cobwebs
  • Wall Washing
  • Floor Machine Scrubbing
  • Stripping and Sealing Linoleum/Vinyl Floor
  • Windows that are deemed safety issues such as broken, cracked, damaged, window panes or fly-screens deemed unsafe to clean or climbing roofs
  • Heavy Lifting of anything in the property
  • Lifting and moving furniture more than 5kgs. (Floor will only be cleaned around).
  • Bad stains removal
  • Linoleum/Vinyl/Tiles & Grout – outcome of cleaning depend on the age of the flooring as well as the build-up of existing dirt. Surface wear, damage, cracked or scratched surfaces or stains that cannot be completely cleaned or removed will definitely affect the outcome of the cleaning. Brakena Cleaning Services will not be held responsible for the conditions as described above.
  • Carpet floor covering – stains, burnt, torn, etc are not Brakena Cleaning Services’ responsibility for the conditions as described.
  • Gardening/ Lawn mowing
  • Garage and Patio
  • Pressure-Hosing Outside walls, patio, and garage

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